Prototypes… a memory of wings

Last weekend I went to a masterclass… masterclass conducted by Sam Cranston. Sam is an artist from Brisbane in Queensland. His theme for the weekend was around monuments and how they exist in our lives both physically and metaphorically. The responses were focussed on making a prototype of a sculpture from our lives. ‘The memoryContinue reading “Prototypes… a memory of wings”

…shared Meaning….

I am exhibiting a piece called shared Meaning in an upcoming Springboard exhibition for first year students at the University I attend here in Brisbane, QLD. The theme is around Communication and Connection which found an easy resting place for me after years of working in education, helping children communicate more effectively. Regardless of howContinue reading “…shared Meaning….”

liked V not liked

An idea, a feeling, a response begin with a ‘trigger event’ and grow ….. spread like cracks in the windscreen. The impact site is small but the cracks which emanate from it are the places of weakness which causes it to shatter.

Consider a tree

Sometimes it is hard looking for the right words and we go round in circles in our thoughts…. thinking things that sound the same no matter how many ways we look at them. A tree on the other hand may or may not have thought but one thing we know for certain a tree isContinue reading “Consider a tree”

New Moon

In reality it doesn’t matter what day you choose to make a resolution for something to be different in your life. Remember though if there is something you want to leave behind replace it with a new behaviour or thought to fill the void it will leave. Be prepared for the conscious effort it might take to make your intended goal to become a reality in your world.