Welcome. I’m Sandy, an artist and a story teller. I’d love for you to share my journey and if you would like I can walk with you in your own journey to a beautiful life you wish for yourself.

Everyone wants to tell a new story at some time in their life. I am learning to do that by creating a life I haven’t lived yet. I am saying yes to opportunities that arrive and the ones I make along the way.

We can connect in lots of ways.


Read my blogs and find your own ideas about the things I think. The truth is we all have our own opinions and if we want to be respected we need to know what they are and allow others their own ideas.


Right now I have joy of sharing my published works with you. The spaces of my life that you can react to and listen to your own life while you do.


As an artist I have had the joy to create from the deep, quiet part of my being which has not words. I am delighted when I get to share it with people who want to make stories in images a part of their lives too.

I’m a storyteller with words and image.

I want to create the life I haven’t lived yet.

I choose

to listen to the deep, quiet palce with no words.

I allow

a possibility of another way.

I create

a way forward to the place I wish to find myself in.

I love

the opportunity to be as I am each day.

painting of woman with pleasing features who has light pouring from her heart. An original painting by Sandy Skinner Artist. All rights are served by the artist.

Choose yourself

Choose to take the time to listen to yourself. Find out how to allow your own voice to be the confidence of your being. It’s then you can create the way for love to flow from your life.

Imagine the best life and tell of how you found yourself there.

Time to read?

These are some of the moments of how I have come to now and keep moving toward life. I choose to create for the love of my life and the gifts I have been given.

  • liked V not liked
    An idea, a feeling, a response begin with a ‘trigger event’ and grow ….. spread like cracks in the windscreen. The impact site is small but the cracks which emanate from it are the places of weakness which causes it to shatter.
  • Having a style.
    Putting ourselves and others in boxes can be a thing. It might be Ok to have a style.
  • It is TIME
    It’s time for the future I have chosen to allow to become created for real. To do that I need to say good-bye properly to the longest relationship of my adult life.

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