Consider a tree

Dreaming through the Tree of Life….
Sometimes the things around us give us clues to ways to look into life and see more than we thought could be there. Recently I did a live video on my FaceBook page: Towards about how I use the lessons of a tree to allow thoughts and images to what I want or need to find. Here it is for you to watch.

Sometimes it is hard looking for the right words and we go round in circles in our thoughts…. thinking things that sound the same no matter how many ways we look at them. A tree on the other hand may or may not have thought but one thing we know for certain a tree is just what its DNA calls for it to be. So many parts of living have to happen for it to grow from year to year and yet it does. It never remains exactly the same as it was or it will be. I’m not sure why we think we have to be never changing when every moment of living asks us to be in it and respond to it.

So a tree is my thing. If I am a little lost or feel something I need to understand and don’t know where to start, I draw a tree. If I want to dream a dream about my life I begin with a tree and see what becomes among its branches and where it is placed. Images make it easier for me to access that information. Perhaps it is the same for you. The knowing I have arrived at is that being in flow allows me to open the options of creative pathways and so often what I know simply floats to the surface and can be seen easily.

Understanding what I see may take longer but once it is seen an inner truth will be understood. It is like an alchemy of time and events but the right people and situations arise to shine a light on that image and give it a voice.

If you’d like to know more about what has come out of the pencil and time spent in flow for me please check out my books. They have space for you to explore what you think too.

This is the tree which arrived while I was working through the life chat video ideas. Accepting and allowing the processes of life and becoming a creation that is rather lovely in the end. That’s a fair life goal without delving any further. But there is always more.

Happy Day, Sandy

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I am Sandy, inventing a life I haven't lived yet and recording it with images and words and things. Being, seeing, listening and talking are the thing. I talk a lot and have big ideas that happen in my mind and well they feed each other. I am here to share what I know in the way that I know it. I like being.

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