About Sandy

I’m a fairly ordinary person living a fairly ordinary life. That’s what we all want to believe isn’t it. Yet here I am telling my story and opening the opportunity to tell you about how I want to make choices for my life out of love for it not fear of it or for it. Fear is not a wrong feeling. It helps keep us alive and living but it does create a filter for looking at everything.

I want to love my life enough to flow toward the life I haven’t lived yet with all the complexities of feeling, and realities both good and bad. I want to love myself enough to allow me to flow out of the boxes of old images that I have allowed others to see and become all that I can create along the way. It’s a bold statement but living this way, from my strength with respect for my other parts. Simply being who I am.

In the middle of my life I found myself cornered in a box that I didn’t fit in anymore and I didn’t have the right potion or notion for like Alice in Wonderland did. I have come to find out all I had to do was stand up and be. The best and hardest thing I have had to do is choose to be seen in my own life. It allowed for me to see myself and circumstances for all sorts of other angles and begin to create a different way forward. And here I am.

I have always been an artist. I have always written stories and played with words. I have worked as a teacher for a very long time. I have always loved ideas and reading. I love my children and my grandchildren. I love my parents and my family and friend….and now I really love myself.

Photo of Sandy

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