Life Coaching

Life coaching is a new name for the thing that I have spent most of my life doing: walking with others. It is about helping my clients dream the life they wish for then creating ways forward so that those things wish for can become real in their lives. I help you with the process but it is your life and you decide what you want and work to achieve it.

Life coaching differs from traditional therapy programs as it isn’t about the past. It is firmly focussed on the future. Issues of the past that might block the future are the territory of therapists and other practitioners.

When we work together we will explore now as a starting place to create goals and plans for the life you have yet to live. I encourage you to choose to allow the process so you can find the courage and flow of creation of your best life.

kissing fish in the shape of an S by Sandy Skinner artist all rights reserved

Contact me if this is something you want to try. we can discuss how and costs then.

Sessions are offered via zoom, skype or on the phone. I ask that you set aside the allotted time and out of respect for yourself minimise over distractions. An email with further information and topics to think about for our first session will be sent to you once you have made your payment so we can book your time.