Creative Me

As an artist I love to paint and draw. As a story teller I have begun to tell the possibility of some of my paintings. It is such joy.

Creating is a part of who I am and have always been. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t making or writing or painting. Experts will tell you its therapeutic worth but that diminishes the joy and self expression that an artist knows to something you need to be unhealthy to engage with.

Creating is about evidencing what isn’t yet into what is, simply for the love of the creation. That is the power and the beauty of it. Love.

The Quilt: Above and below the divide, influenced by the life of the dragonfly.

Beyond the divide: Time is a constant which perpetually continues in rhythm. It is our memories which fragment it.
A box of little experiments on the same theme.

Aligned with the story of the dragonfly much of my work has flowed this past 6 months. It’s about the evolutionary path of our internal journey to a stage in which we change form and become the ‘thing’, the ‘being’ we were born with a memory of. Much like the dragonfly is born with the memory of wings. An idea I will explore more another day.

I don’t live here anymore. A response to painful memories and the attempts of another to influence my thinking to go back there again. Pain does not need to held it can simply pass through and allow a space for wings to fly.
A way out
A place to fly to beyond the pale.
The pale is an old term for a boundary which separated groups from one another.
Free and in it’s intended wild space.