A New Life or……

Image of heart in teh centre of rings held together with woven bands. Drawing by Sandy Skinner Artist, all rights reserved

The time is coming when life is going to be different to how it has been. The current coronavirus shut-in is aside, a blip in history that will be a gift for some and something else for others. The question potentially isn’t how will we survive months of being home. (That sounds like my life most weeks anyway) it should be what will we discover about ourselves and what really matters as time passes and we get used to how we are being asked to live.

Lots of people are hoping for an awakening of self and a growing mindset of care will develop out of this time. For some it will. BUT every day is an opportunity for new to occur and awakening to kindness to happen, with or without a virus. It is really a choice of how we pay attention in our lives.

I was at the local post office the other day to send off a wad of paper for some assessment pieces in a course I have been doing. We were keeping our respectful distance with people wearing plastic gloves and surgical face masks to mail letters and collect parcels. In this socially distant world it occurred to me people are doing what they have been asked to do. To consider the implication of their actions on other people.

This mindful moment of consideration that is happening now is nice. I ask will it continue. Will everyday people on everyday continue to consider the implication of their actions on others when no one is telling them to. It’s what would be kind and loving of us to do. Many of us were raised to think that way…. some weren’t. Some choose not to. BUT.

If we are to spend months in distanced spaces from other people, what is the greater good that will come from it? In my life? In your Life? Who do I choose to be today?

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I am Sandy, inventing a life I haven't lived yet and recording it with images and words and things. Being, seeing, listening and talking are the thing. I talk a lot and have big ideas that happen in my mind and well they feed each other. I am here to share what I know in the way that I know it. I like being.

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